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Monday, 12 October 2015

Fire colour one by Jenny Valentine

I got sent Fire colour one by Jenny Valentine a while ago and I have finally finished the review.
Iris' father, Ernest, is at the end of his life and she hasn't even met him.
Her best friend, Thurston is somewhere on the other side of the world.
Everything she thought she knew is up in flames.
Now her mother has declared war and means to get her hands on Earnest's priceless art collection. But Earnest has other ideas.
There are things he wants Iris to know after he's gone.
And the truth has more than one way of coming to light...
From the blurb of this book I was interested and although it was a good book with a great plot, I didn't really enjoy the writing style of this book. I felt like there was to much flipping back and forth from the past to the present that I got confused. Another thing was that it was a bit slow to get into. And also a lot of the characters were annoying. Earnest and Thurston were the only truly nice and genuine characters and yet we don't really see much o them apart from the ending.
Despite this I did enjoy some of the book as the descriptions were wonderful. I am glad this was a short book as I don't think I would have been able to read it if it wasn't.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

The Martian by Andy Weir

So there's this small film coming out soon called The Martian. Heard of it? Well unless you are living on Mars, you probably have. Well today I am here to review the book for you.

So basically I've seen this book on Bookstagram for a while and then thanks to my grandparents, I got it for my birthday. I hadn't got around to reading it and I knew the film was coming out soon and after I saw that one of my IRL friends was reading it and he told me it was amazing, I had to pick it up ASAP.

It took me around 5 days to read the book and holy cow it was awesome! If you don't know what the story is about, there is this astronaut called Mark Watney who has been abandoned by his crew (becuse they thought he was dead) on their Mars mission. (This book is set in the future so of course there is a way to get to Mars.) The book is told from 3 areas. Mark Watneys perspective on Mars, employees of NASA and Watneys crew mates. 

Through the 369 pages of this book Watney must figure out a way to survive on Mars for 4 years (the time it'll take for the next mission to reach him) and a way to contact NASA (so they can bring him home and so they'll know he is still alive). 

This book is so enjoyable and even if you are not science minded, it is full of witty humour and sarcasm, action and adventure, so I'm sure most people will love this book. 

I cannot wait to see the movie and I am so glad Matt Damon is playing Watney becuse I couldn't imagine anyone else doing it. I hope if you do read the book and see the movie, that you enjoy them.