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Saturday, 25 April 2015

Simon vs the homo sapiens agenda by Becky Albertalli

 This book is 303 pages long. In those 303 pages, you follow the story of sixteen-year-old, not-so-openly gay, Simon Spier. 

Simon is your typical teenager. He has problems, like we all do. However, Simon's problems are not easy to overcome. He is gay. And no one but the mysterious Blue knows. Blue is a guy that posted an anonymous Tumblr post about him struggling with his sexuality. on the schools Tumblr website. Simon contacted Blue and they've been emailing ever since.

Simon was happy. He had three best friends and a whole load of other amazing friends, an he was emailing an amazing guy. Everything was sort of perfect, well as perfect as a teenagers life can get. That was until Martin came into the picture. Now Simon is actually being blackmailed: if he doesn’t set Martin up with his cheerleader best friend, Abby, his sexual identity will become everyone’s business. The worst part being that the privacy of Blue will be compromised. 

Things get worse for Simon when he realises he might be falling for Blue. Because falling for Blue is a big deal. "It's a holy freaking huge awesome deal."

Not only does Simon have to figure out how to stop being blackmailed, he has to figure out how to find out Blue's real identity, without scaring him off. 

A beautiful contemporary filled with morals and will make you laugh. 

"Straight people should have time come out too. The more awkward it is, the better."

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