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Monday, 10 August 2015

Blog Tour: The Demon Gabriella REVIEW

Surviving an onslaught of dark forces took talent and strength—and allowing the Demon Abraxas into the world. Now Sabel Young’s order wants her to answer for her actions. All Sabel wants is the freedom to love the woman she rescued, Ana Khoury. 

Nearly killed—and worse—in a world of magic she didn’t know existed, Ana is nursing new scars and old. Her brother wants to journey to South Dakota to confront their shared past before that opportunity is lost forever. The centuries-old feud between demons and witches isn’t going to stop Ana from going with him. 

Sabel knows there’s nowhere that Ana can go that evil won’t follow. She fears their newest ally, the Demon Gabriella, is a more profound danger than their enemies.

I was very sceptical when starting this book as it is the second one in the series, but you are provided with enough information in the first couple of chapters that it does not matter. 

I really wanted to read this book as I loved it's tour mate, Song of Secrets, but I didn't really enjoy this book. The plot was great and it probably would've been really fun, if it hadn't of taken me ages to get into the book. 

Unlike its tour mate, The Demon Gabriella didn't pull me in from the first few pages. It took me around 60 pages to pull me in and by that point I had been reading it for over a week and I was just bored. From then on I skim read the book just so I would understand the just of the story so I could review it. 

The book is about Ana and her girlfriend Sabel, who go traveling across the country with family and friends, and try to stop a powerful demon at the same time. It was a really interesting concept but unfortunately I didn't enjoy reading it. It was only the fact that it took so long to grip me that I didn't enjoy the story.

Although I didn't really enjoy the book, I want to thank for sending me this book to review it.

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for being part of the tour - and honest about your reaction to the book. I think this is one of those books that if you don't like it right away, it isn't as enjoyable :)