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Sunday, 7 June 2015

Paperbacks vs hardbacks

I love hardbacks. They look really pretty on your shelf and if they get damaged, just slip the dust jacket back on and hey presto! Good as new. Unfortunatley, most books in the UK don't come out in hard back so you have to buy them from Amazon where they are like £12 which is crazy money. Another thing, hardbacks are really heavy. So someone like me whose still at school, probably doesn't want to be carrying around a really heavy hardbacks. 

Although they are pretty, hardbacks are not very substantial. Paperbacks are lightweight, still really pretty and cheap. So I've declared paperbacks my winner in this never ending debate. 

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  1. Haha I am torn with this one! I love hardbacks and I think they look gorgeous on my shelf but paperbacks are easier to read. The thing for me is that the book ONLY comes as a hardback for an entire year before the pb comes out. So, I usually end of getting the hardback. However, I DISLIKE ebooks entirely. I used to not mind them, but lately I just can't read them at all. I'm print book all the way.