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Sunday, 21 June 2015

The Secrets of Yashire Blog Tour

Excerpt Two:


Opening her eyes, Brianna gazed into a clear blue sky illuminated by warm, hazy rays of sunlight. She slowly turned her head to look around. She was lying on a carpet of soft, green grass. All around her she heard the sweet, cheerful songs of birds as a playful breeze rumpled her long black hair.

Where am I?

She tried to raise her head but a hot, sharp pain shot through it.

Ow! I have one heck of a headache!

Gently, she lay her head back down. As she stretched into a more comfortable position, she noticed the clothes she was wearing; a white, ruffled blouse and a long, purple skirt. She was vaguely confused but couldn’t figure out why. Suddenly a strong urge to sleep overcame her. Closing her eyes, she listened to the birds and felt the warm sun soaking into her skin. The soft breeze caressed her cheeks and pressed the tendrils of her hair against her forehead. Gently, she was lulled back to sleep.

Brianna was awakened by a swishing sound nearby.

What was that?

She turned her head to see a woman with long, blonde hair and a robe the color of fresh, pink rose petals walking through the grass with two little blue gnarled creatures at her side. She tried to jump up, to run away, but another hot flash of pain in her head quickly halted her efforts.

Oh God! What are those things?

In terror, she watched as the woman looked over at her.

“Oh my goodness! My dear, are you ill? Where did you come from?” The woman walked over to Brianna and bent down, her brow knit with concern. “You needn’t be afraid, dear. I am Libban.”

The two little blue creatures hopped around Brianna, sniffing and snorting as they nudged her arms and legs.

“Stop! Please!” She begged. “Where…where am I?

Libban spoke sharply to the little blue creatures and they ran to her side, looking at Brianna from behind her skirt.

“Who are you?” Brianna said, her voice shaking.

“I am Libban, Keeper of the Land.”

“Keeper of what land? Where am I?” Brianna managed to whisper.

“Why, you are in Yashire!” Libban crouched next to Brianna.

“What is Yashire?” Brianna asked, tears stinging her eyes.

“You must have had a hard fall, my dear. Do you remember how you got here? What is your name?” Libban surveyed her intently with crystalline blue eyes.

“I…I’m not sure!” Brianna answered.

What is my name? Oh, God! What is happening?

“Here, let me help you. Would you like to come to my home? Maybe you will remember as we walk.” Libban stood and offered her hand to help Brianna up.

Carefully, Brianna obliged, inching herself up slowly because of the throbbing in her head.

They walked through the meadow and up a small hill to a large mansion. The two little blue creatures chased each other through the meadow ahead of Brianna and Libban and disappeared into the mansion. The windows in the mansion were open and plump white doves perched on the sills amongst brilliant red, white and orange flowing vines that climbed the stone walls.

This place is huge! It looks like a castle or something!

Brianna gazed at the huge leafy trees all over the grounds. Roses bloomed among the deep purple violets growing thick in the flower gardens in front of the mansion.

I’ve never seen anything like this in my life! Wait…how do I know that? Where am I? What is this place? Am I hallucinating?

Brianna stopped walking, her thoughts racing.

Who am I? How can I not know who I am?

Panic gripped her.

“What is this place called?” she asked, her throat tightening.

“This land is called Yashire. Please come in and sit down. Maybe you will begin to remember if you relax a bit.” Libban answered, motioning for her to follow through the arched front doorway.

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